1. So what made
    you get started with AdSense?
  2. I was looking for a way to monetize some of my websites. AdSense
    is such an easy thing to get started with the eye for it would
    be a great way to start earning more money without actually putting
    into much more effort. I think as soon as you see the first earnings
    coming into your account you get addicted to AdSense. I know is
    what happened to me and since then Ive just spent time working
    out how to earn more and more each day.
  3. How much do
    you make with AdSense
  4. Some days I can earn
    close to $1000 and others its less than that. But it all comes
    down to how much time and effort you devote to creating a quality
    site that people like visiting. AdSense is not what my business
    is based on by any means but it is a great way to earn revenue
    almost on autopilot.
  5. What is the
    biggest mistake people making with AdSense?
  6. Probably
    the biggest mistake people make is thinking the AdSense earnings
    are easy to achieve. It is very easy to get started but as I learned
    it takes a lot of effort to increase your earnings. I got really
    downhearted whenever I would log in to my account to see that
    I had only made a few dollars. And thats when I decided to spend
    months and months of my time learning everything I could about

I basically buried myself
away and devoured every single piece of AdSense information I
could find. I ran thousands of AdSense tests and started to see
a dramatic effect on my click through ratio and therefore on my

This is why Id decided
to record the videos because I knew that it would help people
who were in my position to also increase their earnings. Ive
read an absolute ton of AdSense e-books but they take so long
to go through and always seem to keep information back.

With AdSense Videos I
knew that I had to tell the story exactly as it is and actually
show people and lead them by the hand through the exact techniques
that I use to generate large earnings from AdSense.

  1. In your videos
    you show people how to increase their AdSense earnings can you
    give us a taster of this advice?
  2. I
    dont want to give away my biggest secrets as you can understand!
    But some of the more basic things that you can do to increase
    your revenues include using ads that blend in rather than stand
    out from your content. Flat out the worst thing you can do with
    an AdSense ad is make it look like the standard Google ad. What
    you need to realise is that you will get more clicks if your ad
    actually appears part of your site rather than something thats
    just been dropped into the page.
  3. What would
    you recommend that someone do right now to increase their AdSense
  4. Ive
    created a totally free AdSense minicourse that people can go through
    to learn some of my techniques. It takes you through the four
    cornerstone principles that Ive used to build up my AdSense empire.
    You can check it out, as well as all the AdSense Videos, here: